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Most Common Rookie Mistakes Made In The Trucking Industry

Article Published at 06.14.22
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1. Being Overly Confident.

Being excessively too confident as a new truck driver can cause you a lot of trouble and can certainly increase the number of mistakes you might make throughout your trucking career. You are more likely to cause accidents, risk damaging your truck and trailer, put yourself and others in danger of injury or in the worst-case scenario—death, when being extremely certain of your beginner skills. Take into consideration that it might take you weeks and even months to master all provided tasks properly, safely and professionally. The level of adroitness you have driving depends on the amount of time you're spending practicing and perfecting your training and expertise. It is much better to humbly accept your lack of ability for driving and do anything you possibly can to attain the correct knowledge and proficiency from your instructors, than to cause inconveniences for yourself and others.


2. Not Taking Safety Practices Seriously.


One of the most important factors that is most neglected by truck drivers is not taking safety training seriously. The most common safety mistakes made by truck drivers are driving too fast, exceeding exceptional weight limits, not taking the time to train and practice their skills, and improper vehicle maintenance. Making these omissions can cause significant damage to your vehicle, haul, yourself and to others surrounding. Start including safety precautions early on in your truck driving career to keep a clean driving record, to avoid all useless mishaps, catastrophes and accidents. A few safety valves and steps you can practice: being aware of weather and road conditions when going on a trip; being extra careful and cautious at night; being aware of all road signs; not underestimating the time it takes to slow down your truck when hitting the brakes; driving efficiently, slowly and carefully; making pre-trip and after-trip inspections of your truck, fleet, and trailer.

3. Not Asking for Help When Necessary and Listening to the Wrong Advice.

Truck driving is an earnest and demanding job physically and mentally, and it requires a lot of practice to master the most obligated skills. It takes a lot of help to successfully adapt to the lifestyle of a driver. You are going to have to make an effort to gain more new experience in everything throughout your trucking career to become a successful truck driver. Develop a beneficial working partnership with more professional drivers to acquire more advice on how to better yourself, have a good relationship with your dispatcher, your mechanic in the repair shop and your instructors to improve your skills and expertise in your trucking business. Remember to only take guidance from drivers which will help you to receive productive solutions to your needs and problems. Be sure that the suggestion/opinion you take into deliberation is coming from a verified source. Just because someone has been a truck driver for years, doesn't always mean that they're giving you the best examples to follow through.


4. Neglecting your health.

Neglecting your health as a truck driver can bring really inconvenient consequences. Some of the most deliberate omissions that are made by truck drivers are lacking enough sleep, eating junk food, not exercising, getting your daily movement in etc. Sleeping deprivation is one of the most common mistakes made by truck drivers. Over 50% of accidents and catastrophes that are caused by commercial truck drivers are the result of extreme deficiency of sleep. Another big aberration made by drivers is not consuming healthy foods. Driving and completely sitting for up to 11 hour a day and engrossing unhealthy foods can not only cause you to gain weight, it can leave you with chronic health issues. Take the time to feed your body with appropriate foods, water, enough movement and sleep to avoid disastrous outcomes that will unquestionably follow.


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