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Why is it important to make inspections of your SEMI truck?

Consequences and the Importance of Inspections:

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The Law:

According to the federal law and the statistics of 49 CFR section 396.11, it is an obligation for vehicle drivers to make a required Daily Vehicle Inspection Report of the vehicle's completion after each day's operation. Thorough inspection requirements includes inspecting:

  1. "The functionality of all of your breaks;

  2. The functionality and effectiveness of headlights, tail lights, and signal lights;

  3. The vehicle’s working windshield wipers;

  4. A full inspection of emergency equipment;

  5. Tire condition;

  6. Effectiveness of the steering;

  7. The functionality of the vehicles motor;

  8. Any potential problems with coupling devices".

If not complied with the federal law of making daily check-ups of your truck, load and trailer, a DOT inspector can put your vehicle out of service from work. So it is beneficial to take examinations that will most definitely benefit yourself and others.

Safety First:

The size of a truck and the amount of fleet and load weight being transferred by such an enormous vehicle makes it especially important to make pre-trip and after-trip inspections of the particular truck. By ensuring inspections, you're increasing your safety measures and the precaution of other people's well-being and lives.
Many truck drivers are very ignorant about making a pre-trip examination of their truck before going on a trip. This plays a big role in the protection of the drivers and the surrounding people's safety, as safety is one of the most important factors in anyone's life.

Saving Extra Expenses:

By establishing an inspection you are also saving your own hard-earned money. When you see any tiny problem occurring in your truck, you should immediately indicate the problem causing such inconvenience and try to solve the deficiency. As dramatic as it sounds, that particular tiny issue that appeared on or within your truck could grow into a bigger problem that would most definitely cost you more money to repair and to fix later on. You also would not want to lose the load you are carrying and transferring just because of a small disruption that you did not consider looking into. Furthermore, such a disruption would cost you a good portion of your money.

Vehicles last longer:

When making an inspection after and before a trip, you are verifying that your vehicle is in a proper operating condition. By making close examinations of your vehicle, you are decreasing the chances of getting into an accident or damaging your truck structure, so you are expanding the durability of the valuable parts and pieces of your truck. This decreases your replacement costs and it also optimizes your truck's value. In other words, your truck is more durable, reliable and 'lasts longer.'

You might want to take into consideration that when you're making repairs or taking any service for your truck: you have a reliable, trustworthy company that you can rely on and trust to do an extraordinary job.
Are you looking for a dependable, assuring truck company to give you the best advice and assistance? Here at VIP Company LLC, we provide our customers with the most appealing information, appliances and most verifying top-quality services for trucking. Contact us today for more information on your truck and let us handle all of your struggles.

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