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The Importance of Frequent Truck/Fleet Maintenance

Published: July 19th, 2022
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1. Prevents Costly Breakdowns:

One of the most essential requirements for a truck driver, is to minimize the probabilities and chances of procuring into an accident. Whether that is to double-check your load and fleet before driving off, acquiring pre-trip and after-trip inspections of your truck, taking care of personal health to do better at your job, you should always do your best to avoid calamities and major problems. As a truck driver, you should know that the importance of frequent truck and fleet maintenance is the key to most successful trips. Inspecting your load and truck, switching out old truck parts for newer ones, always being on the lookout can help you avoid costly breakdowns and in the worst-case scenario, avoid major calamities from occurring.

2. Ensures Safety:

Certainly, the importance of prioritizing your safety in any situation can reduce the chances of you procuring into an accident, receiving serious injuries and can reduce the probabilities of you hurting others. Your primary responsibility in any position of employment is to ensure your well-being. Being a truck driver and fleet carrier is not as easy as you might imagine it to be because it is a very dangerous and stressful job and many precautions must be taken for a harmless and beneficial trip. Here are some terms you can follow to protect yourself and others around you. Perform pre-trip and post-trip checks on your truck and cargo, fasten your seat belt, avoid using your phone while driving, remember all speed limits, plan your trip ahead, get enough rest, get gear in case of an accident or breakdown, and keep an eye on your fleet. The security hierarchy of your trip can hamper the chances of you losing your life, money, health, or injuring those around you.

3. Increases the Longevity of Your Vehicle:

Vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to make your commercial vehicle last as long as possible. Because trucks are often used in harsh applications, this is usually the subject of severe stresses to the fleet which can lead to early failure of truck parts, the engine etc. This leads to fleet parts wearing out and ageing faster than usual, which will affect the durability and the longevity of your truck and trailer. By following your fleet maintenance routine, you can keep your fleet operating for longer than expected. This allows for your company to minimize vehicle replacement costs and also getting more work done without major malfunctions. Something as simple as changing the oil or draining the transmission fluid can extend the life of your vehicle.

4. Improve Asset Predictability:

By maintaining your fleet regularly, you can certainly better manage the resources in your business. When following a routine maintenance schedule, you can easily predict when you will need to replace or repair anything on your fleet. This is significant due to many factors. First of all, this will definitely help you minimise the chances of a breakdown when on a trip. Second of all, this will help improve your asset predictability, which will play a big role in helping you keep a clear record of your vehicle, which allows you to create a higher predictability for all major costs that'll follow. Not only will the result help you to not spend unnecessary money, it will create better opportunities for you to grow and develop your business.

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