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The Anatomy of a Semi-Truck Tire

Article Published at 03.14.22
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There are a few factors that impact the lifespan of your tires, it’s important to know a little bit about the anatomy of your tires and why they’re extremely important. Your tires are more than just a thick rubber. Semi-truck tires are made up of up to seven different layers that can comprise more than 200 different materials. They’re extremely complex by design, as they carry large and often expensive loads wether is small hauls or long hauls.

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What Are Semi-Truck Tires Made Of?

Semi-truck tires made up of natural rubber and synthetic, also containing chemicals like sulfur and zinc oxide that help with things such as traction and rolling resistance on the road. Additionally, fillers such as carbon black and silica make your tires stronger than just rubber alone, and then metallic and textile reinforcements are added to help provide shape and more strength. Common reinforcements include rayon, wires, nylon, and polyester.

Tire Layers

These materials are formulated to create each of the seven layers in semi-truck tires. The seven layers are as follows.

  1. The Inner Liner. Most often made from synthetic rubber, the inner liner maintains air pressure so that your tires don’t deflate or blow out on the road.

  2. The Carcass Ply. This is the part of your semi-truck tire that is made from reinforcements. It helps your semi-truck tire maintain strength.

  3. The Bead. This layer fastens together the tire and the rim.

  4. The Sidewall. The sidewall protects the inner layers of the tire, provides flexibility, and helps protect against high impact.

  5. The Belts. These act as further reinforcements and are made from metal wires, generally steel.

  6. The Cap Ply. The cap ply stops tires from overheating and helps them to maintain their shape. It is usually made from polyester.

  7. The Tread. This is the part of the tire people are most familiar with. It is the part that makes contact with the ground and it is also the thickest part of the tire. It helps your truck gain traction and grip the road.


Need A Local Body Shop To Replace Your Tires?

Are you looking for a trustworthy, insuring trucking company to help you replace tires? Here at VIP Company LLC, our team specializes in replacing quality semi truck tires. We can also conduct tire air pressure checks. Contact our company and speak to one of our specialists to get you started with your tire inspection. Having your tires checked by professionals at each routine stop can help you increase their lifespan, saving money on frequent replacements due to premature wear and tear.

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