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Questions you Should Ask your Truck Repair Shop


Are the mechanics certified?

Certified mechanics have received specialized training in particular areas of car repair and maintenance.  Not only is this better for your vehicle, it also shows that the shop itself values a job well done because they will only hire mechanics that have completed rigorous training.

What are their specializations?

While many shops provide general services on a variety of vehicle types, some are also specialized in certain areas, such as foreign vehicles.  If you feel you need specialized services for your vehicle, ask if there are any mechanics in the shop that can do the work.

Can I drop my truck off outside of regular business hours?

Yes. It is possible to make arrangements so that you can drop off your truck at a time that is convenient for you. Generally, we ask customers to leave the vehicle in front of the garage and leave the keys in designated place determined in advance.

I have a new truck. Do I have to do maintenance at my dealership to keep my warranty valid?

You can choose the garage you want for the general maintenance of your truck. However, you must keep all your invoices. Invoices must clearly indicate the service rendered to be valid. This way, in the case of a problem, you will be able to show and prove to the dealer all the details of the work that has been done on your vehicle.

I am in the process of buying a used truck. Do you offer a pre-purchase inspection (PPI)?

Yes. We offer a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) for any used truck. It is recommended to do it before purchase of the vehicle. After the purchase, repairs will be billed to the new owner of the vehicle.

Contact us and one of our representatives will reach out to you shortly.

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